Universal Studios in Singapore is one of the key attractions in Singapore. The construction of the theme park and resort of the resort was started in 2007 and is the second Universal studios theme park to be opened in Asia – after Japan. The park is the only Universal theme park in South-East Asia and is widely regarded as one-of-the kind theme park in Asia. It took more than 2 years to build this park and it was thrown open to public in the year 2010.

Universal Studios - 1.JPG
The arch that welcomes you to the Sentosa islands

We had planned a visit to the Universal Studios in Sentosa Island during the last day of our trip to Singapore. Having visited the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, I was  not very keen on spending an entire day here. But, I read many posts on the net where travelers who had visited the LA park had called out the uniqueness of this park and how it was different and tailor made for Singapore. On hind sight, I did not regret a minute about our decision to spend a day at this wonderful park.

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Details about the park:

  • Open hours: The park is open from 10AM to 8PM. The closing time of the park varies and it would be a good idea to check their website to get the accurate closing time for the day you are visiting. Click here
  • Ticket – You can get a day pass online to hassle of queuing up at the park to purchase the ticket. This ticket though does not give you access to the rides  Adult (S$74) and child (S$56)
  • In order to avoid standing the queue to purchase tickets for the rides, you can purchase “Universal Express” or “Universal Express unlimited” over and above the day pass.
    • Universal express tickets start from S$30 and give you access only once to the participating rides. The rides that are included are :  Pantages Hollywood Theater, Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, Battlestar Galactica: CYLON, Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Dino-Soarin’, WaterWorld, Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, Shrek 4-D Adventure, Donkey LIVE, Enchanted Airways,  Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round
    • For those who are the adventurous type and would like to repeat the ride more than once, you can purchase the “Universal Express unlimited” for S$50

Since we were planning to spend the entire day at the park, we went ahead and purchased the Day pass along with “Universal Express unlimited”. We had booked our tickets through the travel desk at our hotel and they were able to add a free pick and drop along with the tickets. Came in handy as we did not have to research about the route and spend on expensive cabs.

The theme park is broadly divided into seven zones – Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far away and Madagascar. I will walk you through our experience through a series of photos which speak for themselves 🙂

Universal Studios - 4.JPG
The Hollywood zone – This is the first zone that you will find as you enter the park


Universal Studios - 5.JPG
The Hollywood zone has many shows – Sesame street show, Lake Hollywood Spectacular (an incredible firework show). Street entertainment in the form of Mel’s Dinettes & The Cruisers. You can also take a Hollywood walk of fame and get close to your favorite Minions and take photos with them.


Universal Studios - 6.JPG
The next zone that we visited was the “New York” Zone. The key attraction in this zone is “Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg” where you will experience a major hurricane about to hit New York City. You can also go on the “Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase” ride, which is one of the favorites of the kids.


Universal Studios - 27
We were very keen on visiting the “Sci -Fi” zone. We were very keen on experiencing the “TRANSFORMERS The Ride” and it did not disappoint us. It has to be one of the best rides that is available in the park.


Universal Studios - 8.JPG
The Transformers ride races through the city where you zip through subway tunnels, down city streets and across high-rise rooftops. Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil.


Universal Studios - 26
The highlight of our visit was Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON rides. This ride is the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters! We ended up spending considerable amount of time in these rides – we went thrice on both the rides 🙂 


Universal Studios - 9.JPG
After spending considerable amount of time in the Sci-Fi zone, we moved to the Ancient Egypt zone.


Universal Studios - 11.JPG
The key attractions here are : Revenge of the Mummy and Treasure Hunters ride.


Universal Studios - 12.JPG
The “Revenge of the Mummy” ride is an indoor ride where you will plunge into darkness and come face to face with warrior mummies and scarab beetles. You must experience it 🙂


Universal Studios - 13.JPG
Treasure Hunters ride is a much more relaxed ride which is tailor made for young explorers. If you are travelling with kids, they would love this ride. The kids can ride their own desert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site


Universal Studios - 14.JPG
The jeeps neatly roll over the rails that are laid through the Egyptian landscape.


Universal Studios - 15.JPG
Few more snaps that we took during the ride


Universal Studios - 16.JPG
The scarab beetles – they have tried their level best to make them look menacing.


Universal Studios - 18.JPG
The next Zone that we ventured was the “Lost world”. They have tried to recreate the Jurassic park and to an extent succeeded in doing so. The key attractions in this zone are: “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure”, “Water World” and the Canopy flyer. You can also try your hand on rock climbing in their “Amber Rock climb”


Universal Studios - 20.JPG
The key attraction in this zone was “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure”. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride and came out completely drenched. There are few paid air-pods that you can hire to get yourself dried up. Would recommend carrying a spare set of clothes if you are planning to venture into this ride.


Universal Studios - 21.JPG
Our next stop was the Far Far away zone and the key attraction in this zone is Shrek 4D adventure. You can also hop on the world’s first Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey roller coaster. The Donkey live show was a hit with the kids, but we somehow felt it was a bit boring for adults. Well this entire zone is for kids and if you are travelling with your young ones be prepared to spend considerable amount of time in this zone. Couple of tailor made rides for kids – Magic Potion Spin and enchanted Airways are available in this zone.


Universal Studios - 23.JPG
The Shrek 4D show. The Kids would love it 🙂


Universal Studios - 25
Our final stop was at the Madagascar zone where we enjoyed the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure ride



  • Try to reach the park at around 10:00 AM so that you can beat the mid day crowd. The rides tend to get very crowded from 12PM to 2PM
  • If possible try to visit the park during a weekday. Weekends tend to generally attract mode visitors and this would mean longer queues everywhere 
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes and sneakers. You would be on the move during the entire duration of the visit
  • Carry a hat, sun block and couple of bottles of water to keep yourself hydrated. The park has enough eating joints where you can always grab a quick bit and replenish your water supply. 
  • While purchasing the tickets, it would be a good option to buy the “Universal Express Unlimited” as it avoids the hassles of standing in the queue and buying tickets if you opt to repeat a ride. 
  • Carry another set of clothing as there are few wonderful water rides. Found many visitors skipping these rides as they were worried about getting drenched. 

The park is very well maintained and has ample places to eat, relax and chill out. You can also find many shops from where you can pick up few souvenirs. We reached the park at 10:00 AM and came out of the park at around 6:00 PM and were not bored for a moment. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, do factor-in a day at “Universal Studios”, Sentosa Islands, Singapore.


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