Jurong Bird Park is an aviary and one of the major tourist attractions in Jurong, Singapore. The bird park is managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore and covers an area of around 49 acres on the western slope of Jurong Hill. The park has almost every species that would impress any avian lovers and has many exhibits, interactive shows and wondering residents 🙂

The 3rd day of our trip to Singapore started with a trip to Jurong Bird park. I have heard from many of my friends that this place is a one of the must visit when visiting Singapore. We had booked our tickets through the travel desk in our hotel and as usual the guided tour folks picked us up from the lobby of our hotel – on time as always 🙂

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Jurong Bird Park 1
As you enter the park. You will find this logo all around the park

Ticket information:
Adult – $29
Children – $19

Opening hours: From 8:30 am to 6:00 PM

The park is Asia’s largest, with a collection of over 5,000 birds from around 400 species – out of which around 29 are classified as threatened species. The idea for this park was first conceived by the late Dr Goh Keng Swee, then Minister for Finance, in 1968. Construction work started in January, 1969 and was expected to be completed in a year’s time. But it took around 3 years for the park to be constructed at an estimated cose of S$3.5 million and was opened to public on 3rd of January, 1971. In 2006, the park went through another round of modernisation at an estimated cost of S$10 million. During this renovation, the park got a new entrance plaza, Bango Burgers restaurant, an ice cream parlour, gift shop and a bird hospital.

It took us around 45 minutes to reach Jurong Bird park from our hotel. It was drizzling a bit and the weather was perfect for a stroll through the forest. Try to reach the park around 8:30 am so that you can complete all the key attractions by afternoon. 

Jurong Bird Park 8
We did not opt for the buggy ride and decided to stroll through the park.


After reaching the park at 8:30 am, we did not opt for the buggy which was taking tourists around and chose to walk through the scenic landscape. We headed to first to Lory Loft, which is an award winning 9-storey, worlds largest free flight aviary. The moment we entered into this place, the chirping of the birds started resonating in our ears. It was as though we were teleport-ed instantaneously into the lap of nature. The birds here are quite friendly and do not mind coming close to you and interacting with you. Few birds came down and had some of the grains and fruits that we had purchased to feed them. It was a very unique experience.

After this, we headed to the Waterfall Aviary, where one could interact with the pretty starlings, turacos, rollers and more. We headed to the observatory post and it was great to see the view of the worlds tallest man made waterfall.

Jurong Bird Park 3
Well maintained glass enclosures provide an un-interrupted view of the birds.


Jurong Bird Park 4
Another view of the wonderful residents who do not hesitate to interact with you 🙂
Jurong Bird Park 6
Pretty photogenic indeed :). The enclosures were very clean and well maintained.


Jurong Bird Park 9
Ostrich – the bird is pretty intimidating in size. Their legs are so powerful that they can easily kill a human with one strike.


Jurong Bird Park 7
Only one word could describe this – “Majestic”


Our next stop was the Breeding and research centre where you come across the little additions to the park. There is also a very informative bird centre where you can get some insights about different birds.

Jurong Bird Park 10
The park bird information centre highlighting the different phases of hatching an egg


Jurong Bird Park 11
24 chicken eggs = 1 Ostrich egg 🙂


We then headed to the “Kings of the skies show” where you can catch the majestic eagles, hawks, owls and vultures in a spectacular display of agility and sharp-eyed accuracy.

Jurong Bird Park 16
Kings of the Skies Show at Hawk Arena


Jurong Bird Park 17
Hawks – top of the food chain and elegance personified.


Our next stop was the Pools Amphitheatre where we attended the “High flyers show”, featuring an exhilarating line-up of display of the talents of the residents. You will be astonished by the intelligence, beauty and natural talents of these magnificent birds.


Jurong Bird Park 2
The entrance to the Amphitheatre.


Jurong Bird Park 20
The stage set for the performance of the birds


Jurong Bird Park 21
The amphitheatre – try to reach the amphitheatre ahead of time so that you can find a good seating spot.


Jurong Bird Park 22
The flamingo’s putting up a show.


Jurong Bird Park 23
Another snap taken during the show.


Jurong Bird Park 24
The Parrots having a good time 🙂


Jurong Bird Park 25
The high flying parrots do put up a great show. They are agile and do not hesitate to get through the obstacles. Trivia : Try finding the parrot in this pic 🙂 .. It was pretty tough to capture the parrots in flight


Our next destination was the Parrot Paradise

Jurong Bird Park 14
Entrance to the Parrot Paradise.


Jurong Bird Park 19
The parrots are pretty loud


Our last stop before winding up our visit to the park was a stroll around the famous flamingo lake. The flamingo lake is one the key attractions in the park and the lake is pretty huge with loads of flamingos.


Jurong Bird Park 15
The flamingos lake.


Jurong Bird Park 13
Amid’s the birds, managed to click the fully bloomed lotus.
Jurong Bird Park 18
The splash zone.


We were done by around 1:30 PM and would recommend this place to anyone who is visiting Singapore. The place is a must visit if you are having kids – we saw many young ones having a great time around. Kids will especially love Birdz of Play, the bird-themed water playground or splash zone, having a good time under the giant tipping bucket, zipping across the Flying Fox and even arcade games.


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