The road trips are back and life seems to be back to some sense of normalcy. This weekend we ended up doing a quick getaway to one of our relatives’ farms near the city of Vellore. I usually take the Krishnagiri Ambur route to reach Vellore but this time around my brother-in-law recommended that we take the more scenic drive through Kollar and Mulbagal.

It was an early start from Ramamurthy Nagar in Bangalore. We planned to leave home at around 6:00 AM, but as usual, we encountered some last-minute delays and ended up revving the engine at 7:00 AM. Considering that it was a Saturday morning, traffic was still light and we were able to hit the Hosakote highway in no time.

The big difference that you will find as compared to the Krishnagiri route is the traffic. Krishnagiri route (especially near Atibelle) is jam-packed even during mornings and you will be lucky to cross the toll without losing time. There were no such hassles on this route. The tolls were not packed and we were outside Bangalore within no time.

The other significant difference that you will see is that this route is not as urbanized as the Krishnagiri route. You will start to enjoy the scenery (lakes, hilltops, and greenery) as you drive toward Chittoor. By starting early you can also enjoy the sunrise that gradually changes the color of the landscape.

By around 8:30 AM we were close to Mulbagal where we stopped for breakfast. If you are taking this route, do not miss out on the famous Mulbagal dosas. They are served hot with fresh ghee dripping all over the plate (not for the folks who are calorie conscious 🙂 )

The place was crowded and we had to wait for a few minutes before we got a table for ourselves. I would highly recommend this place for people who are big fans of South Indian breakfast.

With our tummies full, it was time to clock those miles and push toward our destination. As you take the right turn at Mulbagal to Venkatakgirikota, the 4-lane highway changes to well maintained 2 lanes highway. The drive from here is through farms and Koundinya wildlife sanctuary. To be very honest, I never knew that there existed a route to Vellore and Chennai that will pass through a Wildlife Sanctuary. My daughter especially loved the drive as she was able to see many monkeys while passing through the forest.

After a leisurely drive, we reached our destination at around 11:15 AM.

Drive Summary:

Distance: 190 KMs

Time took: 4 hours 30 mins (with a 40 mins break for Breakfast)

Here is a quick summary of the route that we took to reach Vellore.

Key pointers:

  1. Start early and avoid the Bangalore traffic.
  2.  This route might be a stretch for people who are living in South Bangalore. On my way back, I took the Krishnagiri route and I was home in 3.5 hours
  3.  This route works out well for people who are in North Bangalore or East Bangalore. You need not take the Hosur – Krishnagiri route.
  4.  Plan your drive in such a way that you can stop for breakfast at Mulbagal
  5.  The roads are in great condition
  6.  Roads are very narrow while driving through the Koundinya wildlife sanctuary. Please stay within speed limits

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