Munnar is a beautiful hillstation in the Southern state of Kerala. It is around 500kms by road from Bangalore is one of the most sought after weekend destinations down South. Last month we took a road trip to Munnar and had a great experience

The long pending trip to Munnar finally materialized in the month of Feb 2019 and we decided to make it as a perfect family road trip. Went through my routine of getting:

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  • All the car documents (RC Book, License, Insurance and PUC) in place for quick presentation
  • Tanked up at Shell bunk
  • Checked all the vitals in the car (air pressure, engine oil condition etc)
  • packed the bags and stuffed loads of snacks to keep the kid engaged and hunger free :)… You really do not want a cranky kid while doing a long road trip
  • Threw some bottles of drinking and tap water. Usually carry tap water, just in case you need to clean some mess created by the little one
  • And, packed loads of books and toys to keep the little one engaged.

Details about the Drive:

  • Total Distance from Bangalore to Munnar: 510 Kilometers
  • Start Time: 6:50 AM
  • End Time: 3:45 PM
  • Total trip time: 9 hours
  • No of breaks: 1
  • Break duration: 30 mins (at 10:00 AM for breakfast)
  • Total Drive time: 8 hours 30 mins

Route Taken: 

Bangalore – Hosur – Krishnagiri – Salem – Karur – Dindigul – Theni – Munnar

Watch the complete video (vlog) for more details or refer to the photos with timelines

Video log of Drive from Bangalore to Munnar

Photos taken during the drive. You will also find driving tips and directions

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