During our recent visit to Andaman in the month of April 2019, we managed to get permits to visit the beautiful island “Jolly Buoy”. It is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and has limited permits for visitors per day.

Nearest Place to Stay: Port Blair

How to access:

  • 1 hour ferry ride from Wandoor Beach, which is 30 KM ride from Port Blair (takes around an hour)

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the clear white water beach, ideal for snorkeling and swimming Mahatma Gandhi National Park has some of the best Corals in this area.
  • Take a “Glass Bottom” ride to check out the corals. Kids would definitely love it as they can see a lot of marine life through the glass boat. The ride can get a bit rocky at times due to the strong wind and waves.


  • Please ensure that you have your permit to the National park ready at-least a day in advance (They have very limited permits per day)
  • Start early as it gets very hot in the afternoon. We took the early morning slot and reached Wandoor Jetty by around 7:00 AM. We were surprised to see people already queued up for the ride
  • The Marine park is a No – Plastic Zone and hence one cannot carry bottled plastic bottles. We had read about this online and were prepared with our metal bottles. If you do not have them, you have another option to rent flasks at the Wandoor Jetty office.
  • In the island, there are not many changing rooms (the one available is in poor shape). Please ensure that you carry enough towels and easy to wear/ change clothes
  • Restrooms are not clean and you might want to avoid it (use only if you have to absolutely use it).
  • The island can get very hot and humid. Carry enough sunscreen, hats and fluids to keep yourself cool. There is a very small stall which sells few juice packets. There is nothing much available in the island
  • And finally, “PLEASE DO NOT LITTER”. It was horrible to find a lonely chocolate wrapper floating around in crystal clean water. I did my part by removing it and dropping it in the thrash.

If you are visiting the beautiful Andaman & Nicobar Islands in Bay of Bengal (India), do take a day off and visit the pristine Jolly Buoy Island.

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