If you looking for a quaint place to spend quality time with your family, look no further than a day outing at Angana, Kanakapura road, Bangalore. The place is relatively smaller than other resort, but makes up with its all around greenery.


We were 2 families with 2 kiddos looking out for a day outing. There are many  options when it comes to resorts around Bangalore. We have been to resorts around Bangalore, but this time around wanted an option which was a family friendly option. After quick research on internet, we zeroed in on Angana, The Courtyard. Located on the pipeline road, Kanakapura – you can reach the resort in less than an hour from Bannerghatta road. We called up the resort and confirmed our  Day booking.


  • Adults – Rs 1062 (inclusive of taxes)
  • Kids (6-12 yrs age) – Rs 472 (inclusive of taxes)
  • Kids below 6 years are free.



Adult Rs 1050/- per person Rs 189.00 Rs 1239/- per person
KID(6-12yrs age) Rs 450/- per person Rs 81.00 Rs 531/- per person
Adult Rs 900/- per person Rs 162.00 Rs 1062/- per person
KID(6-12yrs age) Rs 400/- per person Rs 72.00 Rs 472/- per person
Source: https://www.avanileisure.com/angana-tariff.php


The Visit

We had opted for the package 2 which included a welcome drink, lunch and evening High Tea. We started from our home at Bannerghatta road at around 10:30 AM and were able to reach the resort in an hours time. We did not take the NICE road as the route through Kankapura road was shorter and faster (as per Google maps)

There was limited parking inside the resort (at max I think 6-7 vehicles can fit). If you run out of parking space inside the resort, there is ample space around the periphery of the resort. We were fortunate to get a parking inside the resort as there were very few families staying overnight at the resort. After having our welcome drink, we set about exploring the beautiful place.


Photo 2
The main courtyard. This resembles a traditional family home that you can find down South. It reminded me of our ancestral home in Tamil Nadu where I used visit my grandparents every summer.


Photo 3
One of the seating areas inside the traditional home. Here you can find games like carom board, cards and few other traditional games played in rural India.


Photo 4
One of the many antique instruments that you can see at the house. My daughter had a great time exploring each one of them



Photo 5
The stairways that leads to the 2 rooms that are available inside the main house.


Photo 9
The view of the courtyard that you can get from the rooms that are inside the main house. Resembled our ancestral house and took me back in time..


Photo 6
As any traditional Indian house, the ceilings are pretty high. This improves the overall circulation and keeps the entire house ventilated. The ceiling was so high that there was a separate room upstairs – more like a study room 🙂


Photo 12
The entrance to the main house is very well maintained. There are 2 cots (made out of wood and coir) where one could stretch and relax – in-fact, I dozed off on one of them !!!


After spending couple of hours inside the house playing games and relaxing it was around 1:00 PM. I was starving and lunch was on time (Food is served between 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM). Food is a fixed menu and one gets a good spread of vegetarian dishes. There are also couple of non-vegetarian dishes and deserts that are included in the buffet spread.

Photo 1
The restaurant – Food is served in the restaurant which is right next to the main building. The restaurant is not too big and can at max accommodate around 8-9 families.


Post lunch we just lazed around for sometime – the most sought after location being the well maintained swimming pool. The swimming pool is designed in the form of a traditional well or bath that we can find in rural India.

Photo 7
The swimming pool area. There is a small kids pool also. The steps are steeper than what you can make out from the photo. Please ensure that your kid is not running around this area.


Photo 8
The amphitheater area that is just next to the swimming pool area. There is ample seating area and one can relax at this place after a sumptuous meal.


Photo 11
Spend some time swinging on this Hammock. The Sun had gone behind the clouds and the weather was just perfect for a quick nap 🙂


Photo 13
A giant spider – went around the resort and found 3-4 of them settled in their beautiful web.


Photo 10
The cottage rooms that are located near the main house with the “Courtyard”.


We had a great time at this resort with the kids and will highly recommend this place for families looking for a quick break from the chaotic Bangalore city life. Reach the hotel at around 11 AM and plan to leave after having the high-tea – it will be a time well spent !!!



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