Over the past 5 days, you covered most of the places of prominence in Goa. From the hustle and bustle of North Goa to the monuments of historical significance in Panjim to the relaxing beaches of South Goa – by now you would have been enlightened about the diversity that Goa exhibits. Day 6 will be the last day of your trip to Goa and is all about relaxing in your resort and a quick visit to the near by shops to buy some goodies back home.

With so much of travel and action over the past 5 days, I am sure by now you will be looking forward to a day where your primary focus would be to relax. It would be a good idea to relax in your resort on the last day of your trip so that you do not look stressed out when you get back to your day today activities.

Luxury resorts in Goa are offer some of the best services that one can get in India. The resorts are pretty huge and you can easily spend a day relaxing by the resort. Some of the activities that you can indulge today at the resort are:

  • Pool area: It would not be a bad idea to laze around the pool area. Resorts in Goa usually do not have dearth of sun beds and you can spend a good couple of hours by the pool taking a dip and sipping a cool drink. Do not forget to get your sun screen lotions during the summer’s as Goan summers are usually very hot.
  • Spa and Ayurveda therapies: The perfect way to unwind and de-stress yourself. All the luxury resorts in Goa have very good Spas – very elegantly designed and qualified therapists. Be it the Jiva chain of Spa’s that you will find across the Taj properties or the other chains like Sohum, all of Spas maintain very high standards.
  • Recreation facilities: Luxury resorts in Goa usually have  very good recreation facilities. The recreation rooms usually have pool tables, Table tennis tables and off-late Xbox and PlayStation.

Lobby of Taj Exotica

  • Library: Most of these resorts have very good collections of books at their disposal. I usually love to get my hands on books which highlight the local culture and history. Laze around in one of the couches near the library and you will not be surprised to find time zoom by.
  • Fitness Zone: These resorts have very well maintained fitness centres and it wont be a bad idea to hit the Gym for an hour or so.
  • Laze around the beach side restaurants: The beach side restaurants in these resorts are one of the best places to hang out as they provide a great view of the beach along with amazing food.

You would also be tempted to pick up few things that you can take back home that are unique to Goa. You can either pick them from a shop nearby or take the pain of driving down to Panaji market.

  • Cashews & Dry fruits: Do not forget to pick up the freshly packed Cashews and dry fruits that are available at economical prices.
  • Spices: With so many spice plantations located in Goa (along the western ghats), you will find freshly packed spices at reasonable prices.
  • Souvenir: You will find all kind of souvenir available in Goa. From the local flee market where you can get T Shirts, key chains, magnets etc. to the upmarket shops which sell exotic jewellery to local handicrafts – you will find something of  your choice to take back home
  • Leather Goods: Leather goods are also pretty famous in Goa and you can find wide varieties of shoes, travel bags, hand bags, purses and jackets.


As the sun starts to go down over the blue Arabian waters and your vacation comes to an end, you should feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Goa has this healing touch for people of all strata and is welcoming to all types of travellers. You can be a traveller on a budget or the ready to shell out those extra bucks in a resort – Goa does not discriminate any traveller. Goa offers each and every traveller the same serenity and beauty that would leave an everlasting impression. The friendly people and the cultural diversity are the icing on top of the cake, which ensure that you will visit this place again and again …..


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