I had made a plan to visit Goa during the monsoon season and was not sure what to expect, as Goa is known for its beach life. During monsoons, Goa’s beach life is almost non existent. The famous Goan shacks are no where to be found, no water sports and one would find the entire coastline laced with Red flags – the undercurrents are very strong during monsoons and swimming and venturing into the sea should be avoided. This uncertainty did not stop us though from planning a trip to Goa.


All my previous visits to Goa have been in the months of October to March. As I was looking for accommodation, I figured out quickly that – A vacation to Goa is very cheap during Monsoons.  We were getting a great deal with Holiday Inn (Almost 50% off from the peak season rates). With such exciting deals lined up and a long weekend to plan, we packed our bags and went ahead exploring Goa during monsoons – an experience that I would cherish for life.

I started researching online regarding the activities one could do in Goa during the monsoons. To my surprise there were loads of blogs and articles highlighting why visiting Goa during monsoon is a must. That’s when I realized that Goa was not just about the beaches and parties. There lies a serene, calm and traditional Goa which expresses itself during the monsoon period. Here are few points which elaborate why travelling to Goa during monsoon is a great idea:

  • Travel is cheap: we were driving down so were unable to take advantage of the cheap air fares. Flight ticket fares drop by around 50% (if not more) and you get great deals in high end resorts. As there is not much demand, the 5 star properties are pretty generous in throwing together a great monsoon package. (Note: be prepared for parts of the resorts being non-operational e.g. the beach front restaurants, beach activities, renovations etc.). Renting a scooter or a car at Goa is also very cheap during monsoons – mainly because of the drop in demand
  • As there are no  beach activities in monsoon, they are much more peaceful and devoid of the crowds. If you are booking a premium sea front resort, you are guaranteed of having a private beach for yourself. A perfect setting for someone who is on a relaxed family vacation.
  •  A trip to Dudhsagar falls is highly recommended by many people during monsoon. You might not be able to directly access the falls, but it is a sight to see this falls from a distance at this full might. The falls comes to life during the monsoon season and is about 60kms from Panaji by road.
  • There are multiple festivals that you can check out during your monsoon stay. 24th of June is celebrated as the fertility feast of Sao Joao – you can witness many cultural programs. We found this very unique as the programs were conducted on platforms which were erected on the river.
  • And finally, the greenery. Monsoon brings life to the entire Goan flora and fauna and you cant escape admiring the greenery all around. Small brooks and streams (which would be bone dry during October to May) come to life, adding those feather touches to the beauty of the landscape. Chapora fort of “Dil Chahta hai” fame is highly recommended. The entire landscape from the fort is painted with Greenery and the dark clouds and the cool breeze will ensure that you will not get tired. 

With so much to look forward, our monsoon trip to Goa did not look ill planned. We started the drive from Bangalore at around 5PM and took the Karwar route to reach our resort by around 3PM.

Click here for photos taken during the drive from Bangalore to Goa

Read the following post for the route that we took and the drive conditions.  Read the following post for few tips on Monsoon drive

We really did not know what to expect when we had planned this vacation.  What we experienced was way more than our expectations that shattered my misconception and stereotypes about Goa being singularly a party and beach destination. Though you might miss the Goan action, you should visit Goa during monsoons to appreciate the tradition, culture and serene beauty that this place offers.



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