“Wings of Time” show is a night show set in the shores of the Siloso beach in Sentosa island. The show replaced the “Songs of the Sea” show and was opened up to public in July 2014.

The “Wings of Time” show features pyrotechnics, water fountains and multimedia effects and narrates the story of two teenagers, Felix and Rachel. The show depicts their adventures as they help a bird-like creature named Shahbaz find its way home. “Wings of Time” show replaced the previous signature night show, “Songs of the Sea” which ended its successful 7 year run in May 2014. The 20 minute show has been built  at a cost of around $10 million.

Show information:

  • Tickets: Local $15 | Standard $18 | Premium $23
  • Show times: 7.40pm & 8.40pm daily
  • Show duration: 20 minutes


Since we visited Singapore couple of years back, we were unable to experience the “Wings of Time” show and watched the famous “Songs of the Sea” show.

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Day 2 of our Singapore trip was action packed as we had many attractions to cover. We visited “The Merlion park” (for more details read my blog) , the Thian Hock Keng Temple ( for more details read my blog) and National Orchid Garden ( for more details read my blogduring the morning of Day -2 of our Singapore trip. Post lunch we took the “Mount Faber – Sentosa Cable car ride” (for more details read my blog)  to reach Sentosa Island. In Sentosa islands, we visited the “Underwater World” (for more details read my blog) first and then visited the “Images of Singapore” and “Surrender chambers” (for more details read my blog) before heading to the “Songs of the Sea” show.

“Songs of the Sea” show was opened to public in March 2007 and replaced the Sentosa Musical fountain which was one of the key attractions for around 25 years in Singapore (from 1982 to 2007). The show entertains the audience with its laser lights, water jets, fire jets and music and was constructed at an investment of around $30 million.

The show is located at the Siloso beach on Sentosa Island, and was designed by the world renowned designer Yves Pepin, who had also designed the nightly show at DisneySea Tokyo. The “Songs of the Sea” depicts the story of a young man having a beautiful voice being charmed by a sleeping princess.

The backdrop of “Songs of the Sea” show is a specially designed Kelong – fishing village in Malay, which can withstand rough weather conditions like strong winds, waves and high tides. We had booked our tickets for the 7:40PM show. We reached the Siloso beach at around 7:15 PM so as to beat the crowd and get a good spot to sit.

The Plot of “Songs of the Sea” is elaborated below through a series of photos that I captured 

Songs of the Sea - 1
Getting ready for the show. We reached the show a bit early and got a seat with a good view. It was a wonderful evening and the cool breeze from the sea was refreshing


Songs of the Sea - 2
The show starts off with Li and his friends waving and greeting the audience. An young, unnamed Indian girl, asks Li how should they entertain the audience. The decide to sing to entertain us


Songs of the Sea - 3
Li sing his “Magical Song” and you will see a sleeping princess appear and fade over Kelong. Oscar appears in front of Li and explains about the vision of the sleeping princess and how she was put to sleep by the enchantment of the kelong. Li sets out to seek for Princess Ami and Oscar warns him of the dangers that Li would have to go through


Songs of the Sea - 4
The first encounter of Li is with The Lord of fire.


Songs of the Sea - 5
Another shot taken during Li’s interaction with “Lord of Fire”


Songs of the Sea - 6
Li then encounters The Spirit of Light and the Lady of the Sea. Li sings to each of them and through his songs regains their powers which were lost after falling asleep.


Songs of the Sea - 8
Another shot of the fire works


Songs of the Sea - 9
Somehow managed to get a shot when all the fire hoses were throwing the fire balls into the night sky 🙂


Songs of the Sea - 12
As Li wins back the powers from the 3 Lords of the elements (Fire, Light and Sea), there would be a spectacular show of flame bursts, laser displays and fountain displays respectively


Songs of the Sea - 13
Another shot of the spectacular show of flame bursts, laser displays and fountain displays


Songs of the Sea - 14
Li and his friends finally manage to awaken Princess Ami, who is seen above the kelong smiling at the audience


Songs of the Sea - 15
Managed to zoom and get a close up shot of Princess Ami


Songs of the Sea - 16
As princess Ami’s face fades away, he fountains come to life, dancing away in celebration.


Songs of the Sea - 18
Oscar congratulates Li after the awakening of Princess Ami and waves goodbye to the audience and Li & his friends. The show ends with the final blast of fireworks



  • Buy tickets early because they sell out pretty fast since there are only 2 shows a day
  • Doors to the show open around 30 minutes before the show. Ensure you are on time and if possible reach early to get a good seat


The “Songs of the Sea” show was a magnificent show bringing together a combination of fire, water spouts and  computer images reflected off large water screens. The show is certainly very colourful, fascinating and mesmerising to watch.


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